When do cats stop growing?

When do cats stop growing? The short answer is that each cat’s growth is unique and may take between one and four years. However, there are indicators that you can use to estimate the size of your cat and the time it will take to reach that size. They are not foolproof, as numerous factors … Read more

How long can cats go without food?

How long can cats go without food? Cats are resilient creatures, and we frequently hear of cats that were believed to be lost returning home after days, if not weeks, of apparently surviving on their own. Alternatively, some cats may abruptly refuse to eat their regular pet food, refusing to eat it whenever you place … Read more

What is a Group of Turkeys Called?

What is a Group of Turkeys Called? If you are a big lover of birds, you will undoubtedly fall in love with this majestic creature. It resembles a regal peacock. What is the common noun for a flock of turkeys? Simply put, a group of turkeys is referred to as a flock or gang of … Read more

Why Can’t Chickens Fly?

Why Can’t Chickens Fly? Chickens can fly, but for a variety of surprising reasons, they do not. Due to the large bodies and tiny wings of modern domesticated chickens, they cannot fly very high. Smaller chickens are capable of and frequently fly short distances. The domesticated chicken of the modern era is the product of … Read more

Ameraucana Chickens

Ameraucana Chickens are a fairly new addition to the chicken breeds, making their first appearance in the 1970s. It has devoted following breeders and followers in this country and many others and slowly gains more devotees. As we shall see, Ameraucana’s history is somewhat convoluted. The Ameraucana is a cheerful, friendly, and pleasant chicken that … Read more

Can Cats Eat Chocolate?

Most of us are well aware that eating a bar of chocolate can result in poisoning in almost 90% of canine companions. But you might wonder if this is the same for cats? Can cats eat chocolate? Do small amounts of chocolate also become toxic for cats? What is the reason that makes chocolate toxic … Read more

Can Dogs See Color?

There is always one question that arises in our minds whenever we see dogs looking at something bright with full concentration that can dogs see color? While smelling and listening are often a dog’s primary sensors, a sight always performs an essential role in daily life. Whenever it comes to interacting with a dog’s daily … Read more

Joint supplements of equines

Why Joint supplements of equines are important? A lame horse is of no use. Most of the horses get retired early if they face joint issues. Among joint issues, Osteoarthritis is a complex sequence of events leading to the degradation of articular cartilage and is the most common cause of lameness in horses. There is … Read more

Can dogs get covid19?

Can dogs get covid19? There is a concern for people who have pets, such as cats and dogs. It is reported that people who have close contact with their pets have affected them. Moreover, these innocent pets do not even know the meaning of covid19, and they get affected by it. Sometimes, the animals feel … Read more

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